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Christian relief and development from a Godís mission (missio Dei)  perspective.


This website offers online information from a study conducted at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in association with Tearfund.


"Mission is Godís mission (missio Dei), and it is a mission that goes beyond the church.  It embraces everything that God is doing in the world through people and nations to establish His Kingdom here on earth.  God's work is not limited to the endeavours of the church, but the church does have a special role, sent by God to continue in His mission...


The centrality of Godís mission in Christian relief and development organizational thinking and planning is essential.  Godís mission provides the framework for all that is done organizationally, internally and externally: it provides a means to prioritize activities, to measure achievements.  It permits the organization to give precedence to the Gospel over peopleís desires, to offer the highest understanding and meaning of why it is doing what it is doing: and positively determine when it has achieved what it set out to achieve.  To be able to take part in Godís mission provides a powerful and purposeful role for the organization and all who are connected with it."


The research draws upon a wealth of noteworthy writings on Christian relief and development and the area of missio Dei, and presents the material from a practical viewpoint to allow readers to develop their own thinking.  There is also an opportunity to comment and to contribute.


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