Genesis 1 & 2 provides an overview of the Creation story. 


This is the starting point, the beginning of the Bible narrative.  In the Creation story, the importance of relations is stressed:


  • people were created to be in relationship with one another and the environment (Gen 1:26-29);
  • the need for one another is emphasised (Gen 2: 18,24)


People were created in God’s image, God’s likeness: created to live in community, to be creative with purpose, and to love.


Thus was God’s desire – perfect harmony between:


  • people and God;
  • one another; and
  • people and the all of creation – the environment.

In creation, God gave humankind free will – the will to obey God or to disobey God.  Free will works fine when there is accord with one another, with God, when there is no temptation to do otherwise.  However temptation came – in what resulted as “the Fall”, and the perfect harmony was broken.


The entire created order is good and precious because it comes from the hand of a loving God.  Persons created in the image of God are called to a servant-like stewardship of the rest of the Creator’s handiwork.  Tragically, humanity rebelled against God and the result is selfish persons, twisted social relationships and institutions and even a groaning, disordered creation.  Unwilling to forsake fallen humanity, however, the Creator began a long historical process of salvation to restore a right relationship between God, persons and the creation around them.  At the centre of that redeeming grace is Jesus Christ, Nazarene carpenter and eternal Word, who is the model for perfect humanity, atones for our sins, and rises from the dead to break the power of evil.  (Sider (2008) in Singh & Farr 2008, p163)




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